neph·ew [ˈnɛvjuː ˈnɛf-]
1. To be one's nephew is to be an individual.
2. To be apart of a small group of people.
3. A term of endearment.

“Nephew shirts not only make you look twice, but also think twice.”

Our story is no fairytale. In October 2011 our founder, Chicago-based photographer, Darnell Jackson, lost his sister Keshia. Jackson vowed to honor her memory by pursuing his passion and sharing it with the world.

Nephew Clothing launched in October 2012 with a collection of graphic t-shirts with original illustrations inspired by music, sex, art and life.

Each design is a bold affirmation of individuality. And only 250 prints of each are available for sale. 

We can't promise a Nephew shirt will make you anything more than yourself. After all that's what we're about. So if you do you, join the fam. Be a Nephew.